Sports Training

We play lots of different sports with the children, not just football.

Part of the Team

After attending 4 consecutive weeks with good behaviour the children earn their shirt.

Working Together

Get involved with our Foundation and become part of the Goals for Peace team

Arts and Crafts

The children love making things. We offer different workshops to help with their creative skills.

Language Teaching

We want the children to learn other languages. Come and help out as a teacher.

Girls Football

The girls enjoy the training just as much as the boys and have some serious skills.

Day Trips

It’s great to take the children out on trips. Thanks to Tony at Tierra del Sol for a great days golfing.


As well as track and field we also engage the kids with more extreme sports.


Everyone loves to play and we always link our work with moral values to our games on the pitch.


We champion leaders and mentors and encourage the children to be active in the future of the project .

Welcome to Olas 2

As well as the children it’s important that we work with the whole community to achieve our goals.

What are people saying about Goals for Peace?

The Saturday morning activities with local children is so lovely…. Not only do they organise football games and activities, but they also have a collection box so travellers can donate to the charity in a different way. We’ve not been to many hostels that have such a great way of giving back to the local community.¬†

– Stephanie, Guest at Kasa Guane - Feb 2014

I volunteered with their foundation, Goles por la Paz, with Tim and had a great time with the kids, teaching English and playing various games. The foundation has already made an incredible difference for these kids and its potential is huge! It was a truly rewarding Saturday morning and I wish I could have stayed to volunteer every Saturday!

– Nicole- Guest at Kasa Guane- Jan 2014